The state of the web and internet today is one of almost total disorganization. The internet search engines add some semblance of organization to what is a jumble of many thousands of related and unrelated sites and pages, and web pages that are directed at a particular subject or audience will generally have at least a few links that might be of interest to the viewer. Beyond those, there is very little that lends any sort of categorization or cohesion to groups of pages.

It has been said that the ice cream store on the corner doesn't need to be on the web.

Why not? While it is not important for a small, local business to be seen around the world, it remains important for them to be seen as much as possible in their own area, whatever the medium. There have been many times when I was not aware of a business that was only a few blocks from my home, and I was driving a greater distance to find another business with the same products. Had I been able to find them on the web, I would have gone to the nearby business instead.

It's too expensive for a small operation to have a website.

To a great extent, this is true. Internet access, site creation, hosting and maintenance can run into the thousands of dollars per year. One local company has posted a price of over $1700 to setup and maintain a basic site for the first year. Even the cheapest internet access alone will cost over $200 per year, and the costs of computer hardware, software, site creation and site maintenance must be addedto that.


There needs to be a grouping of local business sites based on the communities that they serve, with pricing that would make access available to every business, regardless of their size.

This is the driving idea behind this site.

I intend to provide a basic package of web page construction, maintenance, and hosting, in a setting directed at the city each business is located in, for the unheard-of price of $100 per year.

Even the guy that washes your store's windows can afford this.


The Package

The basic package is as follows:

Construction of basic front page, including text describing your business, product line, location, and other descriptive information, as well as simple graphics such as a company logo, simple background, and up to 3 pictures of store, products, personnel, etc. (Pictures must be provided in digital format, other low or no cost arrangements can be made)

Construction and maintenance of a second page as required for items such a menu or product list, including simple quarterly updates.

Hosting within the "" website for a period of 1 (one) year in the city list where your business resides.


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