These are some questions that I've anticipated as well as ones that have been asked:

 Q. Hey! There aren't nine thousand shops in here!

 A.  No, there aren't that many in here. Yet. I plan to rectify that situation as soon as possible. Are you interested in having a page on the site? If so, please see below. Seriously, the first names I came up with were taken, so since I needed a catchy name that people could remember and the fact that I'm known in the online community as Gary9000 it seemed like a natural. The name probably wouldn't stick in people's minds all that well if they saw it plastered on the side of a bus driving by, would it?

 Q. Why should I use this site instead of the yellow pages?

 A.  The yellow pages is a lot of fun, isn't it? You figure out what category to look in, mark the ones that look ok, spend an hour calling them and cataloging their hours, products, and locations. Kind of like writing a research paper, isn't it? Or, you pick out the first store that catches your eye and go there, not knowing if they'll have what you're looking for, or even if they'll be open. Another great idea, right? The idea here is that you'll be able to get all the information about a store that you'd get on the phone and more, maybe even get a look at the store. In the case of a restaraunt, you'll even be able to see the menu. Ever try that over the phone?

 Q. Why would I want to advertise in here?

 A.  You'll want to have a page in here so that customers in your area will be able to get a look at your store, your products, your hours and your location, all without calling up the store. They'll even be able to get all that information when your store is closed. How much does it cost you every year to have your employees answer the phones and spend time explaining all of those things to the callers? And how does that cost compare with the $100 a year it will cost you for a page in this site? How will it affect your business when your competitors have a page in this site and are being seen by your potential customers, and you are not?

Q. So, how do I get my store's page in here?

A.  To get your store's page set up and to get a leg up on the competition, consider this:

If you could have a full page, full color ad in the yellow pages, what would it look like?

Then contact us here, and we'll be in contact with you as soon as possible to set things up.

 Q. I'd like to do something like this in my community, and maybe even make some money doing it. Can I be a part of all this?

 A. Yes, you can. Since there are too many areas for us to even dream of covering them all, and we'd really like to have every business everywhere included in the network, we have an option available for linking to webspace that you maintain for this purpose. The charge for this link is as incredibly cheap as the page pricing is, so if you're interested please contact the webmaster for more information.