Gary is out of carbide!
Might be more later...

Coming Soon:
Reproduction Lens Boards to fit
Busch Pressman Model D 4x5 Cameras
This site is always under construction.
 Originally conceived as a commercially based site, I found that I didn't have the time to sell the concept, so this site has become a sort of workshop for me, and a means of spreading information and answers to the various questions that I'm asked.
 The commercial concept is available for examination via a link in the frame on the left. I still feel that this is a viable concept, and may pursue it further in the future, perhaps with some modifications. If you utilize this concept to make a profit, please feel free to send me a percentage of your receipts.

 In addition, I am currently writing code for use with Netforms, a forms processing program for use on Macintosh servers running Webstar. For more information regarding this, please use the "Forms Coding" link.

 The Software Info section includes a variety of items, including a sky library fix for Metatools' Bryce 2.1 (Mac version), info regarding alternative methods of webchat, as well as other amusing/stupid items related to software.

 The Birefringence Photomicrography section now has a few scans in place, and will eventually have an overview of a group of high magnification photographs of birefringent crystals that I produced several years ago. The images are essentially abstract color, and there will be plenty to look at (and steal). High resolution scans should be available for purchase eventually.

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