Well, lets see, born in Los Angeles, lived mostly in and around Huntington Beach, California since 1969, various education, et cetera, et cetera.

 Current day job is offically "Laser Engraver", and I run a 100 watt Epilog carbon dioxide laser engraver through a Dell Pentium Pro 200. In addition, I operate 4 Gorton P1-2 Pantomills, an archaic but very effective engraving machine.
 The majority of my work involves control panels for military aircraft, and you'll see my work on the dashboards of F-16's, F-15's and the like, as well as a variety of other aircraft.

 Here's a scan of one of the panels that we do, still in process and before final painting has been applied. I cut the lettering into each button, and I also produced the artwork that is used to etch the panel