Using Hotline (REQUIRES Open Transport)

  • Download the software and expand it as necessary
  • Run the software (It requires no installation)
  • Click on the "options" button in the toolbar and put in a name you'd like to use.
  • If you do not want sounds to be made by the software, click on the "sound" tab in the options dialog and uncheck the sounds you don't want.
  • Click on the "icons" tab and choose an icon, then click "save"
  • Be sure you have an active connection to the internet
  • Click on the "connect" button in the toolbar and enter the server address as given to you by the person running the server. (or choose one from the drop down menu on the right) If you do not have a specific name and password, leave the name and password lines blank (or type "guest" in the name and leave the password blank)
  • Click on the "connect" button, and watch in the "tasks" window to see progress as the connection is made.
  • When you make a connection to a server where you know people, type "hello" into the bottom part of the chat window and hit the enter key. If you don't know anybody, just watch for a while.
  • By clicking the buttons in the toolbar, you can see any posted news, any available files, and post to the news.
  • In the users window is a list of people connected to the server. Names in red have extended priveleges, but don't worry about it. If you click on a name and click the button with the word balloon, you can send a private message to that person.
  • If you click the "files" button in the toolbar, you can see the available files. To download one, highlight it and click on the button with the "down" arrow. The file will download into the "downloads" folder that is in the folder with the Hotline application You can upload files as well if the priveleges have been set for that.
  • If you have connected to a server run by one of us, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you start asking a bunch of questions. We're getting kind of tired of answering the same questions every time someone gets started with this.

    ©1997, gary9000